About copperbartops.com

Basement bars are an increasing trend for many homes today; nothing looks more spectacular than a copper bar top. When most people hear "copper", the first image that usually comes to mind is an "old penny". Pure copper starts off with shiny metallic sheen, yet as it ages, the color changes and a patina forms on the surface. You can find weathered copper with tones of orange, green, reds and turquoise in varying parts of the world. While nature takes many years to patina the surface of copper, one company has developed a process that can mimic the nature producing extraordinary ranges of color copper sheets.Copper Bar Top

Color Copper has been making patina copper sheets for nearly 20 years and has some of the most unique color copper finishes in the world. The company got its start by making handmade copper lamps and lampshades in a variety of unique copper finishes. In 2007, Color Copper made a break into the interior design market by offering copper bar tops, copper countertops, copper backsplash, and copper tile.

The uniqueness of the copper is what people really love about it – it just adds a "warmth" to any room that no other material can do. Each copper sheet is handmade in the USA by highly skilled copper smiths, and no two sheets are alike. This uniqueness makes color copper the perfect choice for your home or restaurant bar top.

You can purchase color copper sheets from ColorCopper.com.